Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Flip Off's 11/12/10

It's Friday again already? Some days I don't know if I'm coming or going.

Thanks to MommaKiss for hosting the Flippage

First off: Flip off to my EX-hairdryer.. yes you lasted almost 5 years.. but it was really unnecessary of you to start to smoke and crap out when I was only 1/4 through blowing my hair out on Sunday night, at 10:00.  Monday was a hair tied up day (even though it was cold as hell and I really wanted my hair down). On the upside, the Awesome, albeit Pink hairdryer that I got on sale for $10 marked down from $35 is freaking awesome & makes my hair all shiny

To the Bitch across the street who's "perfect at everything" kid's in my kid's class, flip off.  Just because I'm a young single mom and you're not doesn't make you better than me, so quit looking down at me whenever you see me.

2010, Flip off.. Really, I've been more broke this year than I have been in a long time, I just can't seem to make ends meet at the end of the month and it's making me crazy.  It's not even like I'm going nuts buying stuff, because I'm not... so this week I haven't bought anything except a new hairdryer.  I haven't used the debit card except to get groceries last night (another $25 week) and Gas this morning.  I try to save, but I gotta keep taking it back out.. so I've surrendered and had to stop my automatic transfer.. at least until next month when I better get my shit together.

Christmas commercials.. Flip the hell off.. they didn't even wait for Halloween to be over this year and wtf is up with the commercials ratting parents out as Santa? That seriously pisses me off.. Just announce that y'all have layaway without the fanfare. Christmas is for Kids to believe in Miracles, not a reminder that us parents are broke and have to put shit on layaway.  I haven't even started Christmas shopping.. I have a sick day somewhere between now and 12/22 that will be dedicated to that shit Task.

Speaking of Christmas Flip off pine needles from the tree from last year, which turns out was the driest tree ever! I'm still vacuuming up needles that pop up in odd places like the middle of the kitchen and in the crevices in between the stairs.  I live in the driest basement ever.. EVER.  I'm most likely succumbing to getting a fake tree this year, I really don't want to and it makes me hate this apartment even more, but I really have no choice... unless I get a really small potted tree but then there's still the issue with the pine needles.

Ugh.. One more.. Flip off this goddamn sore throat that decided to sneak up on me last night.. feels like I swallowed a lit match and a handful of pine needles. Yay, I'm sick just in time for the weekend when I was supposed to see my cousin & her baby.. FML.

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Kim said...

ugh. Artificial V real tree. We caved and got a fake one. Too much w/ 3 kids. I will say this: putting it up and viola! lights? Done! Is freaking awesome! And the santa/lay a way commercials? I just keep waiting for my kids to figure it out!

MommaKiss said...

I have a sore throat, too. Coughing all damn night. My kids are carrier monkeys and shared their damn cold.

Helena said...

Ugh! I'm right there with you about the Christmas Commercials!! I saw decorations in the stores BEFORE HALLOWEEN.

I'm glad I found you through Friday Flip Offs.

Anonymous said...

yeah to the xmas commercials!!!!