Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cooking on a budget.. 6 days $25

To say I'm broke this week is an understatement.. it's going to be one of those weeks.

I went to the grocery store yesterday with one thing in mind...get what's needed to make 5 dinners with enough for leftovers so kid won't starve after school and I can bring in lunch.

Luckily I have a freezer full of frozen veggies, so that's one thing that was already ticked off the list when I got to the store.

What I bought was:
5 28 oz cans of Hunts Crushed tomatoes (on sale for 5 for $4)
1 package turkey bacon (on sale for $1.99)
4 different kinds of pasta (@$.79/each)
1 family size pack of chicken thighs (6 pieces @$5.69)
1 loaf whole wheat bread ($1.99)
2 packages of Tilapia, 3 pieces each (@$2.75 each)
1 can cannelini beans (@1.50)
1 package ground beef (@.3.49)

The only thing I anticipate having to get this week is milk.

Last night I made one of the packages of Tilapia, coated in seasoned flour (red pepper flakes, a few shakes of old bay, pinch of salt, pinch of cumin, pinch of black pepper) and pan sauteed served with a side of broccoli sauteed with 1 tsp minced fresh garlic, 1/2 tsp red pepper flakes and a pinch of sea salt.

Right now I have a pot of tomato sauce on the stove and I might make a batch of small meatballs later.

I'll be posting the dinner recipes every night for the rest of the week.. this is going to be an adventure.  Thankfully my kid isn't a picky eater.


Anonymous said...

heya!!!! this is an awesome post!!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome as usual :-)

I'm looking forward to this as I'm broke too... lol, month 7 of being broke :-(