Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tuesday Recap:

Kid didn’t go on the field trip (I was Not going to change my mind)

Kid came to work with me and sat in his office all day playing his online game with his dorky friends and didn't speak to me.

Kid grabbed me saving me from stepping in a melted chocolate bar in the middle of the street (which, I was very thankful for since I had flip flops on and eww). We were hysterical laughing all the way home, remembering the time one of us stepped in a pile of doggy doo while wearing flip flops and it was dark and we had to use a strangers hose to clean the foot off.. Really.. Eww, ROFL!

All was right with the world, no grudge held, no fights fought.

And that, my friends is it.

Yes, he was sad he couldn’t go.. But truth be told, he wasn’t the only kid who didn’t go, which he found out yesterday at camp. His counselor was cool enough to get him a LED key chain that has his name on it.

I don’t fight with my kid, which I love. Better yet, he doesn’t fight with me, and I can’t even tell y’all how happy that makes me. He’s not one to raise his voice and he’s the first to tell you to please keep it down.

I love my kid, he’s really one of a kind. He’s loving and caring and sure he can have an attitude sometimes, but that comes with being a teenager so you learn to grin and bear it.



amydpp said...

Cheesus, why is it so hard to say no sometimes? I'm pretty sure that I say yes more than I should just cause I don't want to fight the fight.

Good job, Ash!

Unknown said...

Yay. Glad to hear things went well :-)