Monday, August 9, 2010

I’m a mean and horrible mom

OK, really I’m not, but right now in the eyes of my 14 year old I must be the meanest worst mom on the planet. Why, you might ask? It’s because I’m not letting him to go Six Flags tomorrow with camp. Nope, that ain’t happening and you live under my roof, you live by my rules. Case closed. I did not sign the permission slip, on the second day of camp I told the director he wouldn’t be going on that trip, he doesn’t ride roller coasters and there’s no F’n way I feel comfortable with him on a school bus riding to New Jersey. So, I go to pick up said child from camp this afternoon and I find the director and his counselor waiting with him outside.. They wanted to talk to me to see if I would change my mind.. Sorry, NO. WTF, so now I’m really seriously annoyed that when he knew my stand on this matter he tried to sway me, not really a smart move on the kid’s part.

To top this all off it’s supposed to be like 100° tomorrow with the threat of thunderstorms. I hope it rains all F’n day. (Pardon my French)

The first year of camp I was able to go on the big field trip, the kids were 9-10 and Sesame place was fun, but the bus got lost on the way home and we wound up getting back well after 10 PM and that’s back when I was riding the bus, nobody could give us a ride home and we were stuck waiting for the bus at 10PM in a really unpleasant neighborhood. The past few years because of “Insurance reasons” I haven’t been allowed to go with them, sure I can follow in my own car and buy my own ticket (but seriously, then why bother even going on a field trip?)

So now, my kid is seriously pissed off with me... tough, he’ll get over it. I promised I’d take him out to dinner and we’d do something, but no.. he’s still a funky grouchy monster.. Whatever.

(NOT) the meanest mom in the world