Monday, June 28, 2010

The Cupcake Corner, Garden City, NY

On Friday on the way home from work I stopped by a little cupcake shop that I had noticed on my way to work one morning, called The Cupcake Corner in Garden City, NY.

The staff is friendly and even at almost 6pm there were plenty of fresh cupcakes in the display case. I ordered a Tiramisu cupcake and The Kid ordered a rainbow cookie cupcake (which actually is a gigantic rainbow cookie). I was excited to get home and try it out after dinner (remember, I’m trying to be good and a cupcake for dinner is not good) At least my cupcake made it home, as soon as the kid was buckled in, his was gone. Lol, although he did say it was very good.

My cupcake looked good and I couldn’t wait to try it...

The first taste was incredibly disappointing though..

See that little fluff of icing there? It had the consistency of a Styrofoam peanut and tasted like a stale peep. To be honest with you I wasn’t very optimistic about the rest of the cupcake and I was ready to call it quits.. But being the trooper I am I continued on to taste the rest of this cupcake..

And I was NOT disappointed in the rest of the cupcake.

The top layer was creamy and full of flavor

the inside was moist without being soggy, it had great flavor and really stood up without crumbling or falling apart.

All in all it was a good experience. There is a great variety of cupcakes that range from standard size cupcakes to mini and the prices are $1.25 for a mini, $2,50 for a standard & $3.25 for a specialty. The cupcake corner also has an impressive selection of pastries, cakes, Ice cream, coffee and other beverages to choose from.


Unknown said...

Cool :-) I love hearing about new food/food place experiences. I love coffee and chocolate but have never actually been a fan of tiramasu

Laura said...

Hey there. We get lots of compliments on our Tiramisu and Cannoli cupcakes in particular, so I am not sure what happened with the top of the Tiramisu cupcake you purchased (it's stabilized whipped cream that we make fresh from scratch). I am glad you finished the cupcake and were happy with the inside, but I'm sorry you were disappointed with the top. I'd like to invite you back to try us again gratis. Let me know when. Thanks!

Laura from The Cupcake Corner