Friday, June 4, 2010

Chef's mats by Gel-Pro

Working in the kitchen can be tedious, standing for hours at a time (and if you’re anything like me, you’re standing there barefoot). I love to find products that make the time standing there, chopping, mixing, prepping and cooking just a little more comfortable, so when I saw the Chef's Mats by Gel Pro, Basket Weave Design was one of the items listed in this weeks Foodbuzz Daily Special I had to share. I have a big cushy roll of carpet remnant that I got for $5 from a local carpet place that I use in my kitchen (and cut off more and replace as necessary) not only to protect my feet from the cold ceramic tile, but also for the extra cushioning under my feet while I’m working away in my tiny kitchen. It comes in 5 great colors that match with any kitchen decor and even though the price may be a little hefty @ $99.95 for a 20x36 mat, I’m sure that it pays off in the long run just on the general wear and tear on your joints from standing there in the kitchen and it also states that it Massages your feet while you're standing in the kitchen.. YOWZA! That’s got me right there, and as soon as I move I’m gonna get myself one of these =o)