Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Something really out of the ordinary happened this morning.

Extraordinary really.

I went to the new Italian bakery on my way in to the office that has the most exceptional cappuccino (I’ve finally broken free of my bad bad Dunkin Donuts Caramel Latté habit) and saw they had cupcakes. I wanted one.. I’ve seen the past few days they’ve had them of different varieties but stopped myself. I’ve never gotten a truly good cupcake from a bakery, let alone an Italian bakery since they put so much love into the specialty pastries what made me think the cupcakes would be more than just for show?

Today’s variety was Red Velvet and carrot cupcakes. I stood there admiring them while the girl made my cappuccino and finally decided to get a carrot one (who cares that it was 8am? Carrot is a vegetable, cream cheese is dairy, the cupcakes have eggs.. Anyway, lol) I got to my car, put the coffee in the cup holder and sat the cupcake in the bag on the seat next to me and made my way to the office.

Now, today is one of those days in my office when it’s just good to be here (so far, so good) The Witch is out so it’s peaceful and no screaming cussing wild woman walking around getting paid to do diddly.. But I digress, as I said the day is still young and there is still the possibility of the neurotic one to come in (sigh). The pleasures of getting here early is that there’s nobody to judge what you’re eating (I have the fat free sugar free low cal chemical laden mafia boss in my office also)

I sat down at my desk, turned on the computer and opened the bag with my little cupcake in it.. And at first it looked like any cupcake from a display case... that is until I took the first bite and O.M.G I was in heaven. It was moist and flavorful and Wow! This is totally NOT what I expected at.all. It was absolutely yummy and delicious and wow! Wow wow wow!! So now knowing that I can get a quality cupcake at Rosie’s has made my day. (Shoot, I was going to link to Rosie’s bakery, but they aren’t even listed yet since they just opened 2 weeks ago. I’ll update when it’s available though).