Monday, May 10, 2010

I ran out of breadcrumbs while making dinner

...and no, I didn’t freak out or run to 7-Eleven to get some either.. I used up the rest of the pretzels we got to snack on while doing laundry the other day. I whirred them up in the mini prep and finished up the rest of the chicken that was marinating in the fridge.. And OH YEAH BABY!! Thanks to chopped for the idea.. Because I don’t think I would have tried this otherwise I honestly don’t think I would have ever considered using crushed pretzels in place of breadcrumbs, but I’m sure glad I did.


Lobster Gram Recipe Blog said...

That sounds really friggen good!
I have a great lobster spread recipe that has a crust made of breadcrumbs...I think pretzels would be an awesome substitute. Thanks for sharing this one (and for being brave enough to try it!)