Thursday, March 11, 2010

A sad farewell to Mo'Joe

It’s a sad day for me.. My favorite little cafĂ© by my office has closed. I have blogged twice in the past few months about Mo’s and their food Here and then again Here. It was the ONE place by my office I could count on for a good, hearty (and wallet friendly) meal, from their amazing breakfast specials, their absolutely unbelievable burgers and impressive cupcake selection down to their fantastic hot chocolate.

Really, I’m crushed.

Mo’s didn’t close because there was a disaster like a fire or something like that.. They closed due to a feud between the owners, as stated by a letter that is posted on the inside of their front door. I was very saddened when I stopped to pick up breakfast this morning only to find a crowd of people reading the letter posted inside the front door. The inside has been partially gutted, the tables all removed.. It’s a very sad day for me.

I will go and take some pictures later.. But it is a real shame that it’s come down to this. Mo’s was a fixture here in Mineola where you could count on great food, friendly people and great service with a smile every single day.

Shame on the owners for letting this happen. Mo’Joe will be truly missed.

I stopped bye at Lunchtime and took some pics.. there was another crowd reading the notes just like this morning.. I wonder if the owners truly realize how many loyal customers they had.

my letter to Mo's:

March 11, 2010

Dear Mo’Joe,
I am very sad to see you have closed your doors. I was a regular patron of your establishment and I was very disheartened to come bye for breakfast this morning only to find that “Mo’joe is No’mo”. I had previously blogged about your wonderful establishment, the first time with absolute Glee that you were the only place in the entire neighborhood that not only made cupcakes, but made absolutely outstanding cupcakes, not to mention the incredible food that was prepared by the cooks in your kitchen.

I will miss the funky atmosphere and your outstanding staff at Moe’s, I will miss being able to grab a great Mo’s breakfast special at any time of day, the best hamburger I’ve ever had and the ability to grab a cupcake on a whim. Mineola is NOT known for it’s great Eateries.. Mo’s was on it’s way to do just that.

Enclosed find copies of the posts on my blog that I had previously made about the great experiences I have had at Mo’s along with the solemn post that I made this morning when I discovered that Mo’s was closed for good.

It’s really a great shame to see Mo’s close and I know I share this with the many patrons who have stopped to read the notes posted on the front door within the past few days.

Very truly yours,