Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's getting to be that time of year again...

It's getting to be that time of year again... time to bust your butt to find the perfect gift. Whether it's just for that special someone, the kiddo's or you go all out and try to get something for everyone (even on the tightest budget I try to get a little something for everyone).

Now, I'm not a girl like all the others.. I HATE TO SHOP! I don't like lines or messy stores, I hate getting all the way there only to find they don't have the thing I went there for, I can't stand dealing with cranky customers or nasty store employees, I get enough of that during my 9-5, thank you very much.

I did 100% of my shopping online last year. I came home every night to another box or 2 full of goodies that I ordered online. I got something for everyone and quite a few things for the kid and stayed well within the budget that I had set for myself. How did I do this you might ask, well I'm a sleuth. I shop around online for the best deal and then I look for a coupon or a code to use for either dollars or a percent off and if I can get free shipping on top of that it makes the deal even sweeter!

I look around online and I post all the great deals and bargains I find at Smoking Hot Deals. There you can find some of the best coupon codes, bargains, freebies and there's much more to the site than shopping. You can sign up and chat with us in the off topic forum, find recipes, enter online contests & sweepstakes, print out in store coupons and find rebates on products you use every day. I've been doing this for years.. It's a great community of people and I can't even begin to tell you of some of the amazing deals that I've gotten that I would have never even found without Smoking Hot Deals, from Free blankets to practically free orders.. It's amazing the things you can get with just a little help.. And in this economy, you need all the help you can get, and all the better when you can get great gifts for everyone on your list and still keep money in your pocket.