Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coffee, Coffee.. I need my coffee.

Alright Guys, I need some good advise here. I’ve been totally faithful to my Senseo but my senseo died on me Sunday.. Actually.. It didn’t even die, but that sucker BROKE. The plastic latch at the top that snaps down just snapped right off and water came spilling all over my kitchen counter. So now I’m on the hunt for a new Coffee maker.. But I have about 150 Senseo pods at home since I have them on auto ship with Amazon (because it was absolutely impossible to find the Senseo Cappuccino in stores and when I did they were $5+ per bag.. INSANE!) I don’t know of many other Pod brewers other than the Tassimo, but I’m open to Suggestions since there don’t seem to be any Senseo’s out there for sale since the Recall a few months back (mine wasn’t one, but damn do I wish it was.. Although from what I’ve read many people still haven’t gotten their replacement machines yet)

All suggestions are appreciated. I’m even open to trying one out for a review here. I hear Keurig’s are great.. But I just can’t plunk down $150+ for a coffee machine when I’m pretty much the only one who drinks it every day (and 2-3 cups on the weekend). I like the idea of pre measured coffee, because it takes the guesswork out of it all and I make really gross coffee otherwise, ROFL!!

Thanks guys!


MommaKiss said...

Well, I'll be the first to praise the Keurig. I absolutely love it, esp when I want a cuppa decaf at night and don't want to make a whole pot. Ours was only $99. But I'd absolutely love the more expensive one that makes 3 cup sizes (stronger taste w/ lowest size, I'm assuming).
Hope you get one to review - it'd be awesome.

Milaxx said...

I have several coffe makers including a seldom used Senseo, but my fav is the french coffe press.

Ashley said...

I wound up getting another Senseo. I won it on Ebay since there are NONE out there to be purchased in stores. It works, I have my coffee & I'm happy again =o)