Friday, June 5, 2009

Water, water everywhere, but I don't wanna drink it

After watching Food Detectives on Food Network the other night (I’m loving Ted Allen, he’s my favorite food geek next to Alton Brown) I realized that I really need to step up and drink more water (I already knew this) problem is I really just don’t like water. I tend to go through an entire day with just a cup of coffee and then I’ll have a glass of Green iced tea and a few glasses of milk at the end of the day, with dinner and just when I'm generally thirsty.. But you’ll rarely see me drinking just plain water, eww.

I’ve tried, lemon in the water, and as much as I like lemon.. That doesn’t cut it. I’ve tried making the water as cold as possible.. Nope, that only works if I’m steaming hot and dying of thirst.. But.. I think I might have found a breakthrough. While at CVS yesterday I saw these new (okay, maybe they’re NOT new, but they’re new to me) Wylers Light singles to go, so I picked up a box of orange and cool Raspberry. The orange tastes just like Tang (which I haven’t had in a long time) The raspberry one tastes like Jell-O, it’s good. Now, if I can just remember to keep this stuff in my bag and a water bottle at my desk and I’ll be good.

Now, if I’m not in the bathroom all day from drinking all this water I’ll be good.. And maybe I can lose these last damn 10 pounds that are making me absolutely crazy. I walk a good 5 miles a day, and I walk fast, been doing this since September when school started, by now you’d think I’d be thin as a rail.. But I’m attributing my insufficient intake of fluids on this one.. So lets see.. Now.. I don’t own a scale (honestly, I haven’t weighed myself in Months) I have a theory that as long as all my clothes fit, I’m good, when they start to get snug, I change my eating habits, work out a little more. The last time I lost a significant amount of weight was when I Started working here and we had 2 offices, this one on the 4th floor and another on the 5th, then (after 15 years of it being like that) they expanded this office and brought the 5th floor staff down here. I did the stairs every day, at least 5 times a day I was running up and down carrying files. I started working here as a file clerk.. Now I’m receptionist/tech support/accounts receivable and general Legal assistant.. Yet, I’m still only making $3 more an hour than I was before.. But that’s a rant for another day, lol.

Alright, so stick with me here.. I’m gonna keep up on twitter with how much water I’m drinking and if you happen to follow me @ChefAshbabe on twitter and you notice that I’m not drinking anything give me a nudge.. I’m gonna be having a birthday in 2 ½ weeks so I’m gonna try.. Really, really hard to drop a few pounds so I can wear that cute little dress I just bought for my birthday.




Unknown said...

I have this same problem - I hate water. I don't get why people like it, it's nothingness. I tried the crystal light packs but I don't like the way those taste either.

Good luck!