Saturday, November 11, 2017

Young Living Essential Oils

My Cousin April has been using Young Living for years and while I listened to her tell me about them I never really considered using them myself until last year, when I got a cold with a cough that just wouldn't go away.  It was bad, so bad that I could barely get a sentence out without having to stop and cough and try and catch my breath.  Not good considering I spend more than half my time at work on the phone with people.  Not good either that I'm one of the 33 million American's without health insurance.  I tried everything over the counter that I could and when it wasn't enough I asked my cousin what I needed to do.

Theives oil she told me, it will help.  She's got five boys, if anyone knows about how to get rid of one and to keep germs out of the house it's this girl.  She and her kids rarely, if ever, get sick.  So I mixed a few drops into some unscented body lotion and rubbed it into my feet and onto my chest.  I did this every night for about three days and I finally started to feel better from this cough that literally plagued me for weeks.  I started diffusing it in my office after that to keep the germs at bay since we work with high school students and there's always someone coming in with some kind of cold and if I can keep the air clean in my office it's honestly better for everyone.

And then spring came and I didn't think much about the oils.

Until I started having stomach issues from everything I was eating.  I found out I was lactose intolerant and everything I loved to eat was making me absolutely miserable, even coffee.  I switched out to coconut milk and finally settled on almond milk for my coffee and morning smoothie but I still wasn't 100% after that, until I realized there was lactose in the mix I use... but I wasn't really happy with any of the alternatives so I just dealt with the constant audible gurgling and popping that was going on in my stomach all day long on a daily basis and taking a lactose pill or two every morning with my smoothie and whenever I felt I was eating something that was going to give me grief of some sort and taking more pills for gas pains multiple times a day.

Try DiGize she told me, it tastes awful, but take two drops with a carrier oil in a gelatin capsule... I didn't have any the day I got my DiGize, so I put two drops in a small glass of water and downed it in one shot. Oh God it was awful.. but, I didn't have any rumblings in my stomach all day.  Not one audible gurgle or pop, I wasn't bloated or uncomfortable.. I was just ...  fine.  All day. For the first time in months.  That night I stopped and got myself some gelatin capsules at the Vitamin Shoppe on my way home from the office though because I'm no dummy, lol.  The next morning I put three drops of DiGize in a gelatin capsule and filled the rest with coconut oil, put the cap on and downed it with the first sip of my morning smoothie and expected to feel something weird.

I felt nothing but comfortable... normal even.  I went about my morning and I was fine, I had my coffee, ate my lunch and afternoon snack, had dinner and I was still fine.  That right there made me a believer.  I was spending a ton of money on pills for lactose intolerance that were barely working and still taking more pills for the gas pains and it was exhausting.  I was stressed every time I ate anything I didn't make myself.  One capsule of an essential oil and a carrier and it kept me free of any issues all day, and has kept me from issues ever since.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still have to stay away from dairy, this hasn’t cured my lactose intolerance, not by a long shot. Milk and cheese still make me miserable. But by taking three drops of this oil in a capsule with coconut oil has helped me tremendously from the daily gas and bloating I was suffering from.

It took me months of misery to finally become a believer and finally take some sound advice from someone I really trusted who really knew what she was talking about.

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