Monday, October 27, 2014

my oven is on the fritz...

I moved into my apartment in July of 2011, and a few weeks after I moved in my stove broke.  It took them almost a week to realize it couldn't be repaired and finally since my LL was on vacation his son caved and just bought me a new one.

Well, last night as I was preparing a batch of blondies I turned the oven on and roughly twenty minutes later when I went to put the blondies in the oven I realized the oven wasn’t even remotely warm... the pilot wasn’t on, no gas smell... and my landlord wasn’t home.  So it turned my absolutely fine day upside down since I had planned on doing some baking and making a casserole for dinner.

When I left this morning at 7am LL’s car wasn't in the driveway and I didn't want to bother his wife so I’ll talk to him later when I get home.  The stove itself is actually working this time but the oven isn't going on, no gas smell and no pilot light so God only knows what’s going on here.  All I know is I can’t go very long without a working oven since I use it a few times a week for dinner.

Lets hope this isn't a week long debacle like last time... at least I know LL isn’t away or going away any time this week... at least not that I know of.