Saturday, September 6, 2014

This summer in review...

Monday was Labor Day... the unofficial end to quite possibly the shortest summer in memory for me. This summer was like this for me... Memorial Day, Bestie came to visit, BF got into car accident and totaled his car, Kid's Senior prom, Graduation, 4th of July, bestie left, it got hot for about 2 days, Birthday parties and cakes.  Never made it to the beach..again.  Two years in a row.  Ok, we did get to Long Beach once... but we went for dinner and then walked on the boardwalk so that doesn't count because it was nighttime.

Thursday The Kid started his Freshman year of college.  College.  If you follow me on my FB page You already know this ;)

My biggest adventure this summer was the cake I made for my nephew's first birthday.  It was my first attempt at working with fondant, both the boxed kind and a homemade marshmallow version.  It was interesting to say the least and probably not something I care to ever work with in that volume again.  It's fun to make decorations with, but I not only made decorations with it, but I used it to cover an entire cake and it was not fun.

The boxed fondant was fine to work with and I was able to squish it and mold it and screw it up multiple times before finally achieving the right shape and size crown to top the cake.

The homemade marshmallow fondant was, well.... interesting. after kneading the powdered sugar into the marshmallow I felt like it was good to go after a good 45 minutes and set it in the fridge overnight to finish the next morning when we got to our destination  but once I started rolling it out it didn't seem to have enough... umph? Structure?  It tore easily and sagged a bit once I finally had it on the cake, but still it wasn't bad for my very first try.

There have been many things cooked this summer.. a new amazing recipe to recreate a cookie from childhood for an attorney in my building, an ice cream roll cake that was precariously delivered to work on an exceptionally hot day, marshmallows, the best batch of brownies I've ever made, cakes.. two birthday cakes in two weeks, cupcakes.  It was great and amazing and Busy!

I've gotta get over here more often and now that things are semi-normal again (or, at the very least I'm not getting home at 8pm anymore).  With the kid back in school schedules are more or less fairly normal and meal planning has GOT to become more of a regular thing in my house instead of this daily craze of "ok, what do you want for dinner, omg I need to go to the grocery store again?

I need to get a new crock pot too... I had the insert of my crock pot on the floor after taking it out of the dish drainer to get it back in the cabinet once I was finished with the dishes and dropped a bowl on it... a dollar store ceramic bowl smashed my crock pot insert and didn't even chip -_- I tried gluing it back together but yeah, that didn't really work so well.  One of these days when I get to Target I'll remember to get one.. for now there's two on my amazon wishlist. ;)

Have a great weekend :)   I'll be back on Monday with a review of my new toy... a Keurig 2.0 :)