Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hi there

Yeah... so I've been such a complete slacker with blogging lately.  I do post to the FB page quite a bit (Or, at least I really try to).  I've had a lot going on lately and quick dinners have been more often than not and aside from a batch of cookies here and there nothing much has been baking in my kitchen.

This morning before I left for work I left some bread cubes soaking in custard for The Kid to bake up when he wakes up (ahh, spring break... I miss weeks off at a time with nothing to do).  On the days he stays home I always try to make sure there's stuff for him to eat and his cooking repertoire is pretty basic from eggs to pasta and he does make a really good grilled cheese (that boy LOVES cheese, all kinds of cheese that even I find adventurous.  For example we went to Ikea over the weekend and stopped for dinner while we were there. Kiddo sees a cheese platter and asks if he can get it...I'm kinda weary of this odd looking cheese and lingonberry platter but whatever, sure, go nuts.  So, while I've got chicken fingers and fries and here's The Kid with his Swedish meatballs, a cheese platter and a little marzipan custard cake... and he ate every.single.bite.  I can only dream of having a metabolism like this kid.

With Easter coming up this weekend (and snow on the ground today O_o) I'll be baking up a storm this weekend.  I have a Lasagna planned for Saturday and a Ham and fixin's for Sunday dinner.  Definitely have to make some Marshmallows and a few other things.

Hopefully within the next few weeks things will start to calm down or at least settle a bit and I can get back into blogging a little more.

As always, if you have any questions for me or would like to contact me you can here.