Monday, August 12, 2013

One of the most versatile gadgets in my kitchen...

Months ago I was musing to my guy that I needed to get myself a new George Foreman grill.  I had tossed mine right before my last move.  I used it so often it finally crapped out on me and I hadn't gotten around to getting another one.  Well,  low and behold he said "Oh, I have one, I never use it... you can have it!"  So, of course I accepted.  Since then he's made no mistake of saying it's one of the best gifts he's given me.

Seriously, it's great.  I use it a few times a week.  The kid even uses it to make grilled cheese.

I started out with the usual, grilled chicken, burgers, the occasional steak.  Then one night I was tired and hungry and just generally not in the mood to cook (it happens).  Granted, the kid is now seventeen and he is more than capable of cooking for himself, but I see it as my mom duty to make dinner every night. That's when I discovered you can make Grilled cheese on the Foreman grill.  From there it went to Quesadillas,  burritos, and my latest discovery... flatbreads.

Oh yeah.  make up a batch of pizza dough and after it's risen separate it into a few pieces. stretch them out a bit and slap that baby on the grill... Mmmmm, bread. (I LOVE BREAD!)  Sandwiches, pannini's   pizza... with or without grilled meat or veggies... there's no end to the deliciousness.

Next  up.. I need a Belgian waffle iron ;)