Thursday, July 18, 2013

It's really HOT!! Lets cool down with some ice cream :)

I get an insane amount of emails daily.I'm really trying better to get through these emails daily... or at least a few times a week.  I came across an email from last week and flagged it to keep it on the list of stuff I need to read.

I finally got around to reading it on Sunday night when I sat down to get through the mass of email in my inbox and make an effort to get the number of unread emails to under 1,000.  (Yeah, you read that right)

We're having an incredibly hot week, the longest heatwave since 2002.  By 9am it was already 91° outside my office (now it says 97°).  It’s too hot to cook, it’s too hot to eat.. It’s almost too hot to even be outside for any amount of time.  The Kid hasn't been to the park all week.  It’s just too hot.

So... back to this email with the recipes.  It was Their best summer and grilling recipes so I clicked through and stopped at the recipe for Cornstarch Ice Cream.

I have an ice cream maker, I use it maybe 3-4 times a year.  I can’t seem to get the hang of making ice cream.  I don't like to use full fat milk and heavy cream, it always melts too fast and it always rock hard when I take it out of my freezer. This seemed like a very different approach instead of custard ice cream (which, admittedly is wonderful, but Sooo fattening and I've been so good at eating healthy and not just losing the weight that I battled with for years but keeping it off too.)

Okay, so Cornstarch... I have that on hand and I grabbed a quart of light cream at the store, I can do this.

And so I did.



I was a little hesitant while cooking it up, it looked a little... gloopy? Gluey?

I left it to cool for a bit and then set up the ice cream maker (I have a cuisinart with the freezer bowl that I always keep handy in the freezer) and churned it for 30 minutes, put it into a covered container and sat it in the freezer overnight.

I like it, the kid liked it.  I followed the recipe exactly with the vanilla bean and all and I'd like to try it again with cherries and almond extract.  Being a base recipe, just about anything can be added to this.

Cornstarch Ice Cream