Friday, February 22, 2013

Home with sick kid... what to do?

The kid hadn't been feeling well the past few days but when he called me on Wednesday afternoon and said he felt horrible and didn't want to even play basketball with his friends I knew he wasn't feeling well.  When I came home from work and he was in bed sleeping I knew he really was sick.  My kid never sleeps during the day after being up and about.  I felt his forehead and he was burning up :(  My kid rarely gets sick but when he does, it hits him hard.

After sleeping most of the afternoon Wednesday and then getting up at 2am with him tossing his cookies and with yet another blazing fever (we don't have normal fevers in my family, the first fever this kid ever had was 104 when he was a year old and I rushed him to the ER).  I called his pediatrician yesterday morning (and seriously, I LOVE his Dr.  She is the best, never overbooks and never has patients waiting more than a few minutes for her) She called him in and not 5 minutes later walked out and said he's got the stomach flu.  Lovely.

Since there's really  nothing she can give  him she said just lots of fluids and no dairy for the next few days.  We stopped at the grocery store for Gatorade and ginger ale and as I was putting everything away when I got home I had an idea.  Since I was home I may as well clean out my pantry.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm horribly disorganized.  I try, but sometimes I just get lazy.  I was home, I had really nothing to do so I may as well do something productive.  I started to pull all the junk out of the pantry and realized that I have a bit of a problem when there were bags and bags and a box of shopping bags.  Sometimes I just toss them in the recycle bag, but sometimes I shove the bags in other bags and wind up with a thousand grocery bags, well.. they're all gone now, out with the recyclables that got picked up this morning.  

I neatened up the shelves, moved the big heavy mixer onto the floor since the shelf I had it on seemed a little wobbly and put the Gatorade I got the kid onto the top shelf (He's tall at almost 6'2 and still growing) I keep most of the bottled stuff on a lower shelf but considering he's already gotta duck to get into the pantry I'd do him a favor here  ;)

My pantry is a little bare.  I need to hit the wholesale store soon to stock up on non perishables really soon.  I have a pantry stock checklist that I need to print out and work on because it really is a lot easier to make a quick dinner with a well stocked pantry :)