Friday, August 14, 2009

So I guess it's time to tell this story

If you follow me on Twitter you know this all already, but for my bloggy friends, and even my close message board friends.. I haven't told the story.. it's been really upsetting for me to talk about and so after 2 weeks of trying to get things straightened up...

I got into a car accident on July 30th, my car.. (my first Freaking goddamn car that I waited 13 years to finally have) was hit by some 20 year old jackass who blew a red while I was passing through a yellow while I was on my way home from work. I am fine and The Kid is fine.. my car.. not so good.

My 1985 Mercedes 300TD after the accident

So what that is was 24 years old? It was a great car and ran great and got me to where I needed to go with no problems at all.. and I got 300 (yea, you read that right THREE HUNDRED) miles per tank of Diesel.

The little jerk who hit me said his light was green even though I know it wasn't and I also know that the little Jerk wasn't going 30 miles per hour when he hit me in his Saab. I didn't have collision (hell, I didn't think I needed it) and with no witnesses there was nobody to say otherwise so in the end the little rich kid who hit me probably got a new car from his dad and I'm stuck with nothing... again. After 10 days of my car sitting at the place where it was towed to, the guy finally got back to me with an estimate.. $1,600 for parts.. and almost $4,000 in labor! Sadly, the car isn't even worth that much... sucks that I'm not eligible for cash for clunkers (you have to have owned the car and have it insured for at least a year, I looked it up) and there is no trade in value to it I'm looking into seeing if someone wants to buy the car for parts (because everything is original to the car) or restore it (which would make me insanely happy) so far I've had no luck. If all else fails I'll donate the car because I can't afford to fix it.. which really makes me sad.

But in the end what really matters is that the Kid and I are fine.

I have to go back to riding the bus on Monday.. after 2 weeks of renting (which was going to put me in the poor house if I kept it up) I had to bring back my rented Nissan Cube today (and lemme tell y'all that car really grew on me this week, I had it since this past Monday) If by some stroke of luck I win the lottery, or someone wants to buy Grandpa off me or someone at Nissan has a Really Big Heart and would like to give a hardworking single mom a break and let me get one at a really good deal I would be eternally grateful.

But for now.. I have no car.... and I'm back at Square One once again...


Hyla said...


As hard as it may be, remember that everything happens for a reason.

Kim said...

Oh Ash,
that poor car! And you were so excited leading up to buying it, i know it sucks. But remember, at least you and the kid are alright, that's the most important thing!

Virginia said...

Oh my goodness! Well I'm glad you & 'the kid' are fine! Everything happens for a I guess you'll soon find out what the reason is. Keep your head up!

Lobster Gram Recipe Blog said...

Man does that suck. Glad everyone involved was ok.