Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Picture of Curiosity

I’m gonna say this is a picture of what utter curiosity looks like.. For my kid at least..

While The Kid was at camp yesterday he found a baseball that’d been busted, so being the curious kind of person that he is wanting to know really what was inside the baseball he went about pulling it apart, yards and yards of string, then yarn, then more string.. Then there was a little red rubber ball inside of it all. it took about an hour to get to the end of this, he started pulling it apart at work, there’s white string pieces all over the parking lot, lol.. some went into the trash, some went out the car window when we were stopped at a red light (which got him yelled at!) but the main part is this blob of yarn & string that he finished up on the ride home last night.. the little ball in the middle was a surprise to both of us.. I remember there being rubber bands in baseball “guts” when I was a kid, but then I suppose, like a lot of things it depends on the manufacturer.

Still.. it’s pretty cool... I told the kid he should try and put it back together.. he asked me if I thought he was crazy.. well, no.. but it would surely be a challenge, LOL!