Thursday, December 7, 2023


 .. And just like that I dropped off the radar.

Thankfully it wasn't too long this time :)  This blog needs work, there's a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff I need to fix to make this blog more current and I'm trying, it's just taking extra time that I won't have until after the holidays, but again, I'm trying.

I have some time off work so I'll be working on things then but in the meantime it's almost Cookie time!

I'll be posting some of my favorite cookie recipes over the next few weeks for you all to enjoy :)

See y'all soon :) 

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Trader Joes

I'm actually a little surprised that I've never professed my love for Trader Joes to you guys.

But honestly.  I freaking Love Trader Joes.  

I'm an early morning girl, I get up early, I leave for work early and I love to do my shopping in the morning because it's al little less "people-y" out there, the stores are clean and the employees are generally still in a good mood. (Once upon a time, in my teens I worked in retail and I've worked in some aspect of customer service since my twenties).


Trader Joes opens at 8am, which works great for me since I'm not technically supposed to be at work until 9, even though I don't think I've ever been there "that late".  Lately I find myself driving over to TJ's in the morning to grab something for lunch when there were no leftovers from the night before because I know that I can grab a really filling, not crap filled, moderately healthy lunch for less than $5 and nothing near my office is even remotely that inexpensive (Im' looking at you sandwich shop with the  $17 sandwich and the $7 fries (Oh, they're freaking amazing alright, but that's definitely a once in a while splurge).

Their Cold Brew is really damn good too and I am such a total coffee snob.  We have this bit fancy schmancy coffee maker in my office, but.. eh, the coffee isn't spectacular and whenever I find myself grabbing a cup of it, I never finish it.  I like my coffee strong and rich and TJ's cold brew hits that mark and you get 3 servings per bottle (which is more like 2 for me and my giant mug) for $5.49 and while I love my Starbucks, it's definitely not something I'm doing everyday because if I'm getting Starbucks it's gonna be 30 ounces of that lovely bean juice.  There are days I'll just go and grab a black iced coffee and get 2 coffees out of it when I just add my own milk at the office... because leftover coffee doesn't bother me.

Oh.. and the blueberry waffles, Oh, they're good.... they're really good and like $2.49/ box.  I paid $4.99 for Kodiak protein waffles at target last week.. NGL, they were really good, but that's kind of a lot for a box of 10 waffles.  I will typically get the big box of Kodiak flapjack & waffle mix at BJ's but the last few times I've gone they've been sold out.  Last April I started upping my protein and cutting down on carbs and lost 20#. TJ's also has little microwable protein muffin cups (just like the Kodiak ones) for $1.99.

TJ's might not be my "everything" grocery store, but around the holidays you bet your ass I'm gonna find some great extras for the table.  Last year I got the strawberry and I think mango "secco" wine.  I don't drink, but everyone said it was great, it definitely didn't last to the end of the day. Whenever I'm scrolling on TikTok I always stop at the "what's new this week at Trader Joes" ones, take notes, save it or whatever and hope i find it at one of the local TJ's.

I had always thought Trader Joes was expensive, it's not, it's honestly one of the best priced stores around, filled with stuff you'd never think to try.  My spice cabinet is FULL of Trader Joes spices and I keep a few stashed at work too.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Get a head start on your Holiday Shopping and get $30 back when you spend $30 with Rakuten!

Rakuten, Get cash back for shopping at your favorite stores! I like to shop, but I LOVE to save money and as I mentioned in my previous post, my son got married this past August to his high school sweetheart. I love my daughter in law, she's been in my family for so long now that it feels like she's always been one of us. ... and I have a LOT of nephews.. and two nieces, lol. Holiday shopping can be a HUGE pain and EXPENSIVE to boot so I love to use apps both on my phone and on my PC when I'm shopping. Rakuten is a big one that I use both for my personal shopping and I use it for work too because I'm in charge of purchasing so why not shop and save here too? Perks people! LOL. I also shop with Honey and you can cash out to Paypal once it's Approved, which I love... coffee money :)