Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Get a head start on your Holiday Shopping and get $30 back when you spend $30 with Rakuten!

Rakuten, Get cash back for shopping at your favorite stores! I like to shop, but I LOVE to save money and as I mentioned in my previous post, my son got married this past August to his high school sweetheart. I love my daughter in law, she's been in my family for so long now that it feels like she's always been one of us. ... and I have a LOT of nephews.. and two nieces, lol. Holiday shopping can be a HUGE pain and EXPENSIVE to boot so I love to use apps both on my phone and on my PC when I'm shopping. Rakuten is a big one that I use both for my personal shopping and I use it for work too because I'm in charge of purchasing so why not shop and save here too? Perks people! LOL. I also shop with Honey and you can cash out to Paypal once it's Approved, which I love... coffee money :)