Sunday, May 18, 2014

Formal UberDork Cafe Jr Launch!

I'm all about helping a fellow momma out and Natali is The Most amazing monkey momma that I know. Not only is she full of spunk but she's got two little geekling firecrackers of her own that she's raising to be two amazing little girls. She had a dream that she was determined to make come true and NOW IT'S COMING TRUE!! She needs a little help getting some necessities
There is one giant thing we need to open- a refrigerated display case. We also need to build a giant work table (or buy it) for the classes. And signage- a big sign and two standup boards.

Those are the expenses we need help with. If we pass our goal, we will be able to add a projector for movie night, a small freezer for popsicles in the summer, art and science supplies, and ordering some dream stock we’d love to carry. (Natali is secretly hoping to be able to buy a commercial cotton candy maker as well.)
so lets all band together and help a truly amazing momma out! And, We're not just helping Natali here, but it's for the entire community :)