Sunday, July 25, 2010

two really awesome cakes for one great girl

Today was my cousin April's baby shower.. I made one cake.. I bought the other cake from Rosie's, a local Italian bakery that opened a few months ago... my cake was totally inedible. NOT because I messed it up, but because it was a diaper cake (and lets not discuss the fact that I'm still living in this apartment with no A/C) and baking or even turning the oven on for any reason whatsoever is totally out of the question until it's not 85°f in here as the median temperature for at least 2 days.

This is by far the biggest diaper cake I've ever made, and I've made quite a few over the past few years. I used 2/3's of a case of Huggies and every single diaper is usable because they're folded and not rolled. Diaper cakes made with rolled diapers are basically unusable when you're done with it because the integrity of the diaper is compromised. Granted, doing it the folded way takes time and patience but it's so worth it. Along with the burp cloths that are wrapped around the 2nd tier there are goodies inside the diaper cake also, some baby wash, a bottle brush and baby shampoo, not only give some structure to the cake, but as a little extra surprise too.

Now.. for the Real cake:

I ordered the cake from Rosie's, which I've blogged about here and here bragging about their amazing cappuccino and raving about the cupcakes and I'll be honest, I hadn't tried the cake before.. but I was a firm believer that it was going to be amazing.. and it was! The cake was moist and fresh and I was really pleased when everyone kept commenting on how good it was.

To be honest, everything I've ever gotten from Rosie's was amazing and everything is always fresh... and their staff.. amazing, absofreakinglutely the nicest people and I'm so glad that they moved their bakery into my neighborhood. I can count on going to Rosie's any day of the week and not being disappointed, whether the kid wants a mango smoothie, I need my morning coffee, a loaf of fresh baked bread, I'm craving a cupcake or any of the other pastries they have fresh daily they are always sure to deliver.

Will I order another cake from Rosie's? Absolutely! Maybe next time I'll order a dozen cupcakes too.