Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fruit Guys.. You ROCK!!

Okok, so I'm a little late getting to this post.. if you've read my previous post you can see that I was a little busy over the weekend baking.

So, Back to the FruitGuys box.

I was expecting my delivery Thursday night.. so when I heard someone in the driveway at 7am on Thursday morning I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was my landlord or one of his jerky kids.. But it wasn't... it was the delivery guy who was cool enough to not just toss the box over the driveway gate and leave it (like most of them do) it was left at my side door just like I had asked. When I went to leave at 7:30 I was really shocked that the fruit was already there, especially since the delivery times stated that it would arrive by the end of the day, so first thing in the morning was a totally awesome surprise. I was running a little late getting the kid to school (as usual, he has Chronic Lateness Disorder) so I brought the box inside and thought about that box all dang day.

When we got home the kid, of course had to be the one who took the honors in opening that box and inside were 2 giant fennel bulbs, 3 different kinds of apples, 2 meyer lemons, 1 tangelo, 1 gold nugget orange, 1 blood orange, a handful of sunchokes, about 5 yellow squash, a handful of red potatoes and a package of fresh rosemary (which I was excited about since after 3 years my Rosemary plant didn't survive this crazy NY winter).

That night I made roasted rosemary chicken with sauteed fennel, I'd never made fennel before, but both the kid and myself loved it.

Monday night I made pasta with roasted fennel, garlic and yellow squash.. it was unbelievable!

The apples and oranges are all gone.. all the freshest I've ever had aside from getting it straight from the farm (which this all is)

I still don't know what to do with the sunchokes. Raw, to me, they taste like dirt and I have no idea what the heck to do with them and any suggestions are welcome.

I will definitely be ordering from the FruitGuys again. I was very pleased with not only the quality of everything I ordered, but with their excellent customer service and the courtesy of the grower for adding in a handwritten note that the cherry tomatoes weren't available and substituted red potatoes in their place.

I did take a pic of the box when it arrived, I will upload it later when I get home.


Erin G. FruitGuys Marketing Manager said...

Hi Ash,
Thanks for the great review and feedback on your recent delivery from The FruitGuys. I saw your comment about not being sure what to do with your sunchokes and I wanted to share this link with you.
The FruitGuys almanac on our website has useful info about the fruits and veggies in our boxes as well as new recipes every week to help you cook the things you receive.
hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions or feedback.
Take care,
Erin G., Marketing manager
erin at fruitguys dot com