Monday, April 5, 2010

Del Prado Gourmet Nectars

John from Del Prado was cool enough to do a shout out on Twitter to ask if anyone wanted samples to send him a message.. So I shot him a message, gave him all my info and within 2 days I had 2 cans of this amazing nectar sitting here on my desk. 1 can of pear and 1 can of pineapple. Now, truth be told I am NOT a huge fan of pineapple juice, especially canned pineapple juice because it always tastes tinny and it’s way too acidic, so I set that aside to share with The Kid when I got home later that evening.

I got home and tossed them both in the fridge and when my kid asked me what there was to drink with dinner I pulled both cans out of the fridge and asked him which he wanted, and he chose the pineapple, well.. He nearly downed the whole can in one sip! I managed to get about 1/4 cup of the pineapple and couldn’t believe how Smooth it was, almost creamy and not tinny or even a hint of the acidity you get with other pineapple juices. I split the can of Pear with the kid later that night and it was like biting into a ripe pear, it was absolutely fantastic that I can’t wait to get my hands on more of this stuff. I’m a little bummed that it’s not sold in stores by me, but still happy that it’s readily available from Amazon and I’m no stranger from ordering from Amazon grocery since they tend to have unbeatable deals and they are currently the only place I can get my Senseo cappuccino pods (On Auto-ship baby)

Not only does Del Prado make these wonderful nectars and juices, but they are the founders of The Children of Ayacucho Fund which was established with The Resource Foundation to build schools, dormitories, and orphanages for impoverished children in Ayacucho, Peru.

I will continue to spread the word of Del Prado Nectars, they are absolutely delicious, organic and support a great cause.