Monday, April 26, 2010

The Biggest cake I've ever made

Sunday was my best friend's son's 3rd birthday party. We've been planning the cake for weeks, first it was going to be a Buzz Lightyear cake, then she called me around 10 one night and had an idea, she wanted to make a train cake, but not just any train, we made the train from the book Freight Trains by Donald Crews.

In Particular, this train, that moves throughout the book.. in it's entirety!

We started baking early Saturday afternoon and after taking a break for a few hours to have dinner at her brother's for her sister in law's birthday (and running home to grab a change of clothes and my hand mixer because we burnt hers out!) the baking resumed around 9:30pm until almost 2am Sunday morning.. baking cakes, cupcakes and whipping up batches of buttercream frosting. By the time we got to bed the cakes were all filled, layered, shaped and mostly iced and all we had to do come morning was bake a batch of mini cupcakes and finish icing them as the wheels on the train.

It was a big job.. the biggest I've ever done at least:

We had to put the leaf in the dining room table just to fit the whole cake!

But, it was a huge success and her son was so excited when he saw the cake... and Everyone loved it!


Anonymous said...

Hey babe...thanks so much for helping me out!!! the bigest cake we ever made seems to be an understatement...btw...I had blue teeth yesterday!

I must say that that making that cake was an adventure!! I am sure that next year we will think of something just as grand!! hehehe!!

LaFleur said...

Nice creativity!