Thursday, April 15, 2010

I don't eat right & this is going to change.. NOW

After much consideration I decided on Monday that I was going to start recording what I eat, because I know that I don’t eat right. I don’t normally eat breakfast and I often go without lunch too finding myself absolutely starving at 3pm and then when dinner comes around I fill my plate. This isn’t good. I’m not gaining weight.. But on the other hand, I’m not losing it either. I’m not a ‘big girl’ I’m average, I've never been stick skinny and I don’t plan to be 100 pounds anytime soon.

To help me on my journey I've started using My Plate to keep track of what I’m eating and I’ve discovered one HUGE thing.. I consume way too much sugar... mostly in the form of my beloved large caramel latté from Dunkin Donuts 5 days a week. I didn’t realize it was really that bad.. But I’m consuming almost twice the amount of sugar I should if I want to lose any weight.

I also realized that we don’t eat enough fruit in my house.. Last night when the craving hit that I really wanted an apple or an orange... something instead of leftover Easter candy there was nothing.. Absolutely nothing. The grocery stores around here have fruit (of course) but lately I haven’t been happy with the quality of the fruit I’ve been getting. So I decided we’re going to try something new. I remembered something I saw on Twitter the other night and I quickly typed in Fruit Guys into Google.

I am totally willing to pay a little extra for a box of quality fruit, especially when the health and well being of not only myself but also my kid are at stake here. Since there are the two of us and I like to take fruit with me at work because it’s something that I can eat while sitting at my desk, answering phones and greeting clients without looking like a fool and the kid can toss fruit into his backpack. My first box of fruit is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, April 21 and I'm so freaking excited.. I will do a blog post along with pics of the fruit and all when that comes.

My goal here is to get healthier, the kid is going out for the lacrosse team and so I'm going to have to instill all the good eating habits into him too.

This is my journey.. and y'all are coming along for the ride.