Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The office, the witch and...

My office was so nice last week, the office witch was out (if you didn’t know, the office witch is a 72 year old lady with the mouth that would make a sailor blush and as nasty as they come in every other aspect) Yesterday she was back cussng and complaining that there were piles of work on her desk and she didn’t want to do any of it, so 99% of the day she complained to everyone within earshot (except the attorneys, of course) hemmed and hawed and made us all miserable (if you’re out sick for a whole week it’s inevitable that work is going to pile up) .

I don’t care that she’s been here for 25 years, she makes over $25/hour for doing nothing but complaining or shopping online. She has been known to throw files, telephones, books, you name it, clear across her office. She’s been known to cuss at clients, defense attorneys and she says some really horrible stuff about the new guy here who gives her work to do. SHE is the reason that I’ve walked out of this office crying, threatening to quit more than once. She doesn’t put things away in the folders in files and makes 20 copies of everything she does (I’m guessing as an illusion that she does a lot of work) all of her files are a mess and nobody likes to work on the same stuff that she’s worked on before.

I won’t say that I hate my job.. Because most of the time I really do like it here, I have some really great attorneys that I work for, the ladies are great, with the exception of The Witch, I have great clients and have learned a LOT working here. Last week was a great week though, we all got a lot of work done and the environment here was actually calm, no screaming loudmouthed cussing woman was walking around in her too big sneakers (Imagine a toddler in his dad’s shoes shuffling around the house ALL DAY LONG) No screaming “where’s Scott” her butt buddy attorney who runs hot & cold all day long (and don’t even get me started on his neurotic wife who works here part time).

Word around here with the secretaries is that she’s planning to retire before the year is out, which I’m sorry if it sounds mean but I really can’t wait for her to go, maybe then we’ll all get some raises around here since it’s been almost 3 years since that’s happened. Maybe this will go back to being the great place we had last week.


Mommy Kennedy said...

I can't wait for her to leave for you! Thanks for the #3 on Twitter. Following you back :)

Lys said...

OK, I am an LA as well for the day job and I can totally sympathize - I think every firm has one of those. I'm going to have to keep MFMK on my daily read list :) Hope you are feeling better (and the witch retires soon!)