Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What to do with Tofu?

On a whim one night as I was running through the supermarket to grab something to make for dinner (ya know, it was just one of those days) I stopped to get some won ton wrappers and picked up a package of extra firm Tofu.. hoping to incorporate it with dinner the next night.. that was um... a week and a half ago and I still don't know what to do with this stuff... so.. I'm shouting out to y'all to PLEASE help me out with this.. what do I make with this stuff? How do I use it? Helllllllllllp!




Milaxx said...

To give it more bite & make it less mushy, I freeze it, then thaw and draw all the liquid off. Put it in a square casserole dish and put a pie plate with beans or something to weight it down so it drains off. Then you can do what ever you want; coat with rice flour/mixed with 5 spice and deep fry or create a marinade and marinate for an hour then saute w/ veg for a stir fry, make a peanut sauce and bake in the oven. The possibilities are endless.