Monday, October 7, 2013

Apples, apples and more apples

My Honey and I went apple picking last weekend at a Farm all the way on the east end of Long Island, NY called Lewin Farm.  It's sometimes hard to believe that farms of this size still exist on Long Island, but it's really amazing how the scenery changes the farther east you go.

It took quite a bit of walking to find apples that were still on the trees

Clearly Not apples, rather something called Pokeweed or Inkberries.  They are known to make you sick if you consume raw berries but are supposedly safe if cooked. (I'd rather take no chances here)

It was a gorgeous day and still lovely while driving home :)

We stopped on the way home at the grocery store for ingredients to make apple pie and came across these... Um... Warty pumpkins/

They look kind of like Barnacles 

20# of apples going in for a wash

Shredded apple pie is the Absolute BEST!! 

 Okay, so Maybe we should have waited a little bit longer before cutting into the pie...  but it smelled Soo good!

Recipe will follow shortly :)