Friday, May 31, 2013

Well... we tried

My sweet Boyfriend did such an amazing job in his campaign to save my old Jeep.  We started to get repairs done as we got the parts and then the inevitable happened...

her heart stopped beating.
(well, her fuel pump went, but for a car I'm assuming that would be the heart, no?)

After being quoted $650 for that job on top of the other things I needed and not to mention that it's not really that easy to find parts for a 20 year old Jeep it was time to give up the ghost.  After many tears and trying to find another way to get her fixed we wound up salving her for parts for half of what I paid for her.

So now we're looking for something new.. or semi-new certified pre-owned.

Not exactly what I was hoping for, of course it never happens at a good time and not to mention good cars are rather expensive -_-  But after Sandy came barreling through last October used cars from private sellers can be shady to say the least so with a dealer is the way to go... it's just gonna take a little time.  

Wish us luck we find a good deal and that I have something before camp starts.