Friday, April 12, 2013

Twelve days was all it took...

Thanks to the generosity of my friends and Dan's friends we raised enough $ to get my Jeep all fixed. For weeks I haven't been able to drive much and last Friday when we took my truck to the first mechanic his diagnosis was pretty bad.  After getting a "second opinion" from a mechanic friend he deemed her absolutely fixable, we just needed to raise the funds since major repairs were something that was out of our budget.

Today, I was overwhelmed when I got the message about the final donation.  I sat at my desk and cried tears of joy over the amazingly generous donation from an anonymous donor.  My friends have far exceeded the expectations I had when Dan started this.  I thought he was crazy!  Who's going to help me fix this old Jeep? 

My friends, that's who.  My friends who want me to be in a safe car and not have to constantly worry that my truck is going to cause me to get into an accident because my tires are bad, a swaybar link is broken on one side, the Axle needs replacing and the list goes on.  (I'll tell y'all something though, I know way more about this Jeep than I ever thought I'd know about any car in my life, lol)

Now I have the money to get these major repairs done and I can be safely back on the road "Truckin'"  We're getting all the parts together and plan to get her all fixed up in the next two weeks :)